Aprons Have You Covered


Some people think of aprons as being an outdated 50’s housewife sort of thing, but if you’re the kind of person who gets any sort of messy in the kitchen, an apron is a great idea. Even if you’re not messy, sometimes they’re a cute addition when you’re hosting a barbeque, dinner party or event. On top of all that, aprons are a remarkably easy project!


Ink & Arrow Fabrics has multiple apron panels in their Happy Hour and Ooh La La collections.

Happy Hour Apron Black


Happy Hour Apron in Cream


Happy Hour Apron in Pink
Happy Hour Apron in Pink


The best thing about these panels is that you don’t need an entire cartful of items for one project. All the pieces and instructions are included in one panel. The only other things you need are thread and something to sew with!  There is no need for a separate paper pattern to cut out and pin to your fabric – just cut around the pieces on the panel.  The instructions tell you how much seam allowance is needed once you start stitching, and which tie goes where.


Not only are they easy to make, they’re easily customizable. You could add a backing fabric, patches, lace, rhinestones, embroidery or anything else that you think would look great!

We carry all three of these panels on our website (currently with free shipping!). We can’t wait to see the results if you make one!



Trial by Fire

fire copy

When you buy fabric off the bolt, the label usually specifies the fiber content of your fabric. The same goes for yarn and its skein band. What that fabric or yarn is made from determines how you work with it and how to take care of your handmade item later.

But what if you don’t have that information? You might not write it down, or you buy a remnant without a label. If you’re like some fabric stashers, some fabrics may stay in your collection a long time before you find the perfect project. Sooner or later, you end up with a mystery fabric on your hands..

So how do you figure out your fiber?  Very simply – Burn a scrap of it.  It sounds scary, but flame can tell you a lot about your fabric.

Please practice good fire safety while testing your fabric!  Conduct all burn tests in a safe place –  on concrete, brick or other flame retardant surface in a well ventilated area. Use an outdoor fire pit or sidewalk  – you don’t want to burn down your sewing space just to find out you had cotton the whole time.

Once set up, light your scrap, watch and smell. The rule of thumb: natural fibers will burn easily, synthetics will not.

Cotton will burn quickly and give a nice flame. Most candle wicks are made from cotton. It will smell like you’re burning paper, and when it’s done there will be ashes.

Wool will burn, but slower. It will smell like burning hair, because it’s essentially sheep hair. The remainders from burnt wool will be crumbly.

Burnt Wool
The burnt edges of the wool crumbled when touched.

Silk also will burn and also smell like hair but at the end you will have ashes.


Nylon does not burn – it will melt when it meets flame. When it is exhausted, there will be little round beads left in place of your fiber.

Polyester mimics nylon when ignited, but smells worse. At the end you will be left with melted goo that will harden.

Polyester melts when burned!
Polyester melts when burned!


Acrylic (yarns like Super Saver, Simply Soft, and Super Value for example) will slightly melt and shrink up, with a very acidic odor.


Hopefully you come out of your experiment with the information you need and only a small bit of ashes. Happy Sewing, Everyone!



Your Formal Invitation

What are You Wearing to Prom?

The months ahead will be soon filled with formal events.

High schools start having proms in April and May. Sororities like to have spring formals before everyone goes home for the summer. If you’re going to a formal dance, you’re obviously going to need something nice to wear.

Have you considered making your own gown?

If you’re thinking about it, now is the time to act so that you have plenty of time to finish your garment before the big day.
Some advantages of making your own dress:

  • Some formal stores have a registry and they will not sell two of the same dress for the same school’s event. BUT If you make your own, you’re guaranteed to not show up in the same outfit as anyone else.
  • Some of us wear sizes that are not easy to find off the rack. Those of us that can find something there still don’t always win when it comes to fit. Making our own gowns with our own measurements means we can finally have something that fits just right.
  • Maybe you have searched all the stores but still haven’t found the gown that’s perfect. You like that dress but not the sleeves. This other one would be nice but it’s just too short to be appropriate for the event. When you make your own, you can incorporate the elements you love into the silhouette you prefer.
  • A custom dress can truly reflect your personality. Maybe you could make it from plain silk and then paint it with dyes to create a rainbow effect, like this woman did for her wedding. If you’re electronically inclined, you could make a plain dress and have it glitter with fiber optics.

Sound good?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help with our years of expertise in formal sewing. We can help you pick patterns, match colors, choose lace and get you everything you need to sparkle at your special event.

We carry Simplicity, Burda, McCalls, Vogue and Butterick patterns, so we have plenty of style options to choose from.

Even if you don’t want to make your whole dress – we still have supplies to give you an extra special touch. We carry a wide selection of lace, trims, appliques and rhinestones to add sparkle to any dress you wish.

Formal Trims
Formal trims

Set up an appointment today with Angela, our formal and bridal expert, and we’ll get you on your way to a beautiful dress!

If you do make your own dress, we’d love to see your work! Send a picture to us at customerpictures@fabrichut.com and show it off!

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2016 Wrapup

We had a blast at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival this past weekend! We saw lots of our local customers and friends from out of town over the four days of the show. We’d like to thank everyone for stopping and trying out the Juki QVP series machines, getting some fat quarters and picking up a Fabric Hut button.

In case you weren’t able to make it, we’d like to share pictures of some of our favorites that we saw while we were there. There were so many awesome works there, it was almost overwhelming. We’ve tried to make sure we have the name of the quilt and the artist, but if we have yours pictured without your name, let us know – we want to make sure you get the credit that’s due for all your hard work!


Plenty of local quilters were represented at the Festival. It’s so great to see so much talent here in Hampton Roads!  Thanks to everyone that came out – we’ll see you there again next year!

St Patrick’s Day is On The Way

St Patricks Day is on the Way!
St Patricks Day is on the Way!

St. Patrick’s Day is just under a month away!  Whether you like to decorate for the holiday, or are going to go celebrate at a parade, we have a fabric that can meet your needs for the wearing o’ the green.

We have themed shamrock fabric in our quilting department right now. Stop by and see Shilo and she can point you in the right direction.

If you just want something green without a lot of print, we have all 303 colors of Kona cotton. Those 303 colors include at least 20 different shades of green. Asparagus, Mint, Pear, Pistachio, Grass, Jade, Hunter – one of those could be the hue for you!  Come in and see them all for yourself or check a selection out online.

Leprechaun, Fern, Tarragon - which shade is the hue for you?

Ok, so what if I’m not a quilter? What if sewing is not my thing?

No problem – we have yarncrafters covered too! We carry a wide selection of yarns from Bernat, Lion Brand, and Sullivan’s. There is some very beautiful green crochet thread from Aunt Lydia’s on the shelf this morning waiting for you.

You can use that thread and yarn to make this easy little round shamrock with a pattern from our friends at Lion Brand.

There is also a more intricate version with this pattern provided by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me.

Use those little shamrocks for appliques, or make a brooch!  Make a bunch and string them together for a decorative garland!  Maybe knit or crochet a scarf and adorn it with clovers to keep you warm at the St Patrick’s Day parade? It may still be chilly!


As always, whatever you make with the supplies you get here at Fabric Hut, we love to see your finished projects! Send us a picture for us to show off your awesome work to our fans on our Facebook page, Instagram, Flickr or here on the blog!




Valentine’s Day is Approaching!

Need some ideas for Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered!


If you’re a quilter,Untitled-10 show someone how much you care with this Pixelated Heart Quilt. Find the free pattern and the fabrics on our website. 





And check out this SUPER simple heart garland!











Use our craft felt and get the kids involved and in no time you’ll have a sweet little garland to dress up your home!



Faux Fur Throw

Have you seen our selection of faux fur flat folds? They’re so soft and perfect as the temperatures drop.


Unsure of what to do with this sumptuous piece of material? There’s an AMAZING tutorial at the D.I.Y Life of a Shopahoplic for a Faux Fur Throw!

What will you make?



Working with Leather

If you are unfamiliar with it, working with leather can seem daunting and unattainable. But fear not! With a list of tips and tricks in hand a great beginner project, you will no longer have to just stare longingly at that pile of sumptuous leather, but be able to confidently buy and sew with it like the pro you know you are!

I’ve compiled a list of helpful sources for sewing with leather and you’ll find an awesome project idea below:

Now that you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve, come get a quarter hide of leather from Fabric Hut and make this amazing bag by designer Renske Solkesz! Here is the tutorial for her canvas version, it is exactly the same for the leather version, except she added the exterior pockets, and there is no lining fabric. What an incredible piece this is!

leather bag

Great Gift Ideas!


127content2Still looking for the perfect gift for that special sewer, quilter or crafter in your life? Come in December 10th through December 13th and pick up the perfect gift from our selection for 25% off! We have some awesome choices for you to pick from at every price range! You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

yarnbasketPick up this yarn basket for the avid knitter or crocheter. We have several in fun prints and patterns!





This sewing kit would make an excellent stocking stuffer for a seamstress of any skill level.





sewing-basketKnow someone who needs a little organization? We have the solution! Help them get it all together with this beautiful sewing box!



furwrapWe can even help you shop for those on your list who DON’T sew! Grab this wrap in super soft faux fur! 25% off, but only until December 13th!





And if you’d rather give something handmade, we have a variety of kits to help you make something quickly! We have these and SO MUCH more! Stop in for this special gift giving sale!